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Project Description

Resx Crunch is a one-man-project which manages the localization of a .Net project by loading multiple .resx and other types of localization files into one screen. The project is a .Net Windows forms application. It already has an installer and limited plug-in support started.
The application is written in C# and is based on the .Net framework 4.0.


The project was necessary because the translations of a rather big project were changing very frequently. A tool was needed to manipulate the translations by having the languages side-by-side. Resx Crunch was created under pressure. Because the features were needed as soon as possible they were added rapidly and without testing anything else but the happy flow.
Started adding evaluation functionality but did not have the time to bring it up to such standards to have the decency to sell it.


  • Add new languages
  • Load every available language version of a resource file into one data grid
  • Load multiple files together
  • Save files in different formats
  • Support for file types
    • .resx
    • .resource
    • .xml (own format, contains all the loaded data)
    • .csv
    • Android resource files
    • Blackberry resource files
  • Search
  • Filter content
  • Clean up empty rows (entries that contain no text)
  • Fill the empty entries with values from the default language (a suffix and/or a prefix can also be added)


  1. Windows 7 integration
  2. A more performant grid

How to use it?

1. Open a file or a group of files with File/Load Ctrl + L


2. Data is loaded from the selected file and every other language the .resx file can be found


3. Manipulate the data (Add languages, remove empty rows, copy the default value, add more entries)


4. Save the data


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